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Our Journey

RBX started in Feb 2021 as "Rocket Bunny", headed by renowned pseudonymous developer "Sycore".

We launched our first product, the RocketDrop staking platform, just two weeks after deployment. Despite launching with only a single ETH in liquidity, Bunny eventually reached a valuation of over $50 million.

After our V2 upgrade to RBX in Nov 2021 (To gain increased functionality and refine inter-chain operability not previously possible with our renounced contract) , we've continued to build out our incredible team and develop more products on a consistent schedule, leading to where we are today, providing a vast suite of the best decentralized finance software currently in the market.

Core Team

Sy cut his finance teeth trading S&P and currency futures funds in the early 2010s. Being a coder at heart, he subsequently moved into algo development for a handful of boutique. Once decentralized finance (DeFi) was in full swing, he saw an opportunity arise to finally engineer financial products which were previously not possible in TradFi like decentralized exchanges.

Sy’s favorite color is actually red, but he figured that it was not very cash money or calming as an avatar so he defaulted to his second favorite, blue.


PJ has a background in venture capital and business development focussing on SaaS and nano materials. Loves a rare pepe, reading and traveling. Believes in RBX as it is the core infrastructure of Web3.


Dave showed up on our doorstep one day and never left. He has done many things, some of them good. He supports RBX by bringing a no-nonsense attitude to the project, as well as attempting to keep the trains running on time. He is an avid sportsman, a loving family-man, an outspoken critic of just about everything. He does not suffer fools.


Background in cybersecurity/pentesting, dropped out of college to go full-time with RBX in 2021. Mac is head of operations/management, scheduling, and whatever needs to be done to advance RBX. He wanted to buy BTC in 2012 but his parents told him it was a "scam", he has spent every waking moment clawing back that lost opportunity. Spends free time gaming, flying drones, and thinking of RBX.


Background in business process automation, data science consultant, and project management. Spends free time learning about new technology, hiking, and traveling. Joined the RBX team because of the openness of the process and the talent behind its development. Dedicated RBX Bot wizard.


Nin works as a visual designer. His job is to make sure RBX has a unified brand image and good looking digital assets across the ecosystem. Spends his free time playing traditional roguelikes and sandbox RPGs. Currently learning how to liquidate his leveraged positions from the Head of HR.


Social media manager, Twitter extraordinaire, and a solid “ideas” guy. Spends free time working and any time between working to work more.


Over a decade of experience in video production and video editing. Weaseled my way in by making video content for RBX. I also "invented" TWAP trading.


Spends free time liquidating leveraged positions in the futures ring. Head of HR, and RBX asset management.


Background in International SEO for companies worldwide. Big believer in the potential of decentralized finance. Spends free time surfing. Joined RBX because of the constant development of innovative defi products led by Sycore and a great team to work with.


Peanut started working as a developer for RBX at the beginning of 2022. He primarily works on frontend and backend testing of RBX Defi products such as cross chain swaps, decentralized exchange, as well as smart contract development.

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